Start Designing

fMaps Designer is where you can set up and manage all aspects of fMaps pages. It also includes options to set up and manage area overlays and fixed point data sets.

When fMaps Designer is first started the Open/New option is opened by default. Select an existing fMaps definition to manage or start a new one.

The options available in the Designer menu will depend on type of map and on the boxes selected in the layout. Each page has full instructions and so only selected pages have further details here. The full set of available options in the menu are:

  • Open/New – open and existing definition or start a new one
  • General – general setting such as map type and description
  • Layout – design the fMaps page layout and content
  • Data – specify where the data for the map is coming from
  • Layers – optionally specify layers (sets of points) and how they appear and behave (e.g. links)
  • Map – settings for the map itself
  • Points – settings for behaviour and display in the Points box
  • Areas – settings specific to an Areas type map
  • Factors – relate to the different areas displayed in an Areas map or Factors layer
  • Heat – settings specific to a Heat type map
  • Filters – apply selection criteria to the locations shown on the map
  • Ranges – apply selection criteria to the locations shown on the map by range of values
  • Overlays – let the user see areas displayed on the map and also select points by their area
  • Details – data columns to be shown when the user rolls their mouse over a location
  • Counters – show accumulated values (e.g. sum, average, min, max)  for the locations shown on the map
  • Instructions – free text/html area to provide instructions for the user
  • Text – apply your own terminology to text on the Map page
  • Save/Publish – save and optionally publish the definition
  • Delete/Revert – either delete a definition or revert it to its published version

The are also some tools available in a sub-menu:

  • Test Map – run the currently editing map for testing
  • Overlays – create and maintain map area overlays
  • Points  – create and maintain location point files