plugin Data Group Type

The plugin data group type is a generic type to execute external plugin functions for specialist data gathering purposes. In most cases external data gathering plugins are set up using a special purpose data group type: MSCRM, SQLLibrary and fPanelsMenu are examples.

The plugin type is provided for situations where there is not specific data group type provided. It is therefore NOT recommended that you use this type unless absolutely necessary.

Select the plugin from the list of those registered in fAdmin. In some cases you may also select a specific load method (if an external plugin offers more than one type of data).

If parameters are required for the plugin to gather data these are supplied as a querystring (key1=value1&key2=value2&…). When entering these parameters in fData, specify one pair per line; fData will format the query string for you. Placeholders may be used to insert values for the parameters.