Mosaic Forms Data Group Type

The Mosaic Forms plugin for fSeries allows users to quickly return data from Workflow Forms held within Servelec Mosaic without the need for creating any SQL. A document creator needs only to know the Question Code of the question they wish to pull through, and the type of the question (such as a short text answer, long text answer etc).

Using The Plugin

The plugin has two mandatory parameters, and as many additional parameters as required:

Source The Id of a data source set up in fAdmin that points to the Mosaic database required. The source may be an ODBC or OLE database connection.
Example: Source=MosaicLive 
StepId  The workflow Step Id that the form relates to. This is usually passed via a User Entry or Placeholder into the Data Group.
Example: StepId=#StepId#
QuestionCode  All additional parameters should be in the format Questioncode=QuesionTypeQuestionType may be one of seven values – ShortText, LongText, Number, Boolean, Date, Lookup and Image.
Example: perName=ShortText


The Response

The fields (schema) that will be returned from the plugin will be based on the question codes you have specified as parameters in the plugin. For example, if you specified:
You will then have four fields available, each of the relevant format specified (two text fields, a number and date). Any Lookup types will return the text of the value selected, and the Image type will return Base64 encoded text that can be used within an fDocs Image tag.

The plugin returns multiple answers in the form of rows in the data group, so that if there have been multiple rows of data entered for a question, they will be put into a tabular format. If you only expect one row of answers for the fields you have specified, you may use the “Design As Top Level” checkbox within the fDocs settings of the Data Group so that within fDocs Designer the fields are shown immediately in the tag list without having to be wrapped inside a Data Group tag.

Setup and Installation

Data gathering plugin: MosaicForm.dll.

The fAdmin data gathering plugin definition has an id of MosaicForm, uses the MosaicForm class in the fSeries.MosaicForm namespace and no specific load methods are required.