Jontek Data Group Type

The Jontek AnswerLink 3G system contains data about clients that are also accessible via Total View. In order to include Jontek data into Total View outputs the Jontek plugin is available. This makes it easy to connect fSeries (TV Outputs) DSDs to Jontek data and also to make the connection between a Total View client and a Jontek client.

The Jontek plugin connects to the Jontek database via an API. The fSeries must be configured to specify the location of the APIs services but once done the plugin deals with all aspects of data gathering and determining data content automatically. Please see documentation regarding set up and configuration.

There are four different data group types included with the Jontek plugin.

Jontek Ids

This type lets you specify a source (Jontek or TotalView) and an Id which are passed to the designated JontekIdsDSD (JontekIds) to return the client’s ids in Jontek and Total View. These values can then be used in other data groups to gather data from either data source.

Find Matches

This type takes three parameters and searches for matching client in the Jontek database, returning brief personal details including Jontek Id and Total View Id as held on the Jontek database.

The search parameters that may be passed are First Name, Surname and Date of Birth. Surname is required but the others are optional.

The fields returned are:

  • JontekId
  • TotalViewId (if present)
  • DateOfBirth
  • FirstName
  • Surname
  • Postcode


This is the main data group type that returns client information from Jontek. The data group requires two parameters:

  • Service – the type of data required (see below).
  • JontekId – the id of the client in the Jontek database.

The service must be one of the following:

Client Personal details of the client
ClientNote [Not yet available]
ReferredClient [Not yet available]

The data group returns all available data of the type (service) specified.

Jontek Call History

This returns a list of all calls between two dates and times, for all clients. The data group requires four parameters:

  • FromDate  – either yyyy-mm-dd format or blank for all calls since recording began (use with care!)
  • FromTime – either hh:mm:ss or blank for the beginning of the FromDate day
  • ToDate  – either yyyy-mm-dd format or blank for no end date
  • ToTime – either hh:mm:ss or blank for the end of the ToDate day

This returns the same fields as the Service Data Call History option.

In practice this is most likely to be used with fixed date parameters (e.g. from 5pm last night to 9am this morning) rather than dates entered by a user. In this example, the four parameters would be as follows:

  • FromDate: #FromDate# placeholder with conversion of =DATE(-1,yy-MM-dd)
  • From Time: 17:00:00
  • ToDate: #ToDate# placeholder with conversion of =DATE(,yyyy-MM-dd)
  • ToTime: 09:00:00