fTest is a standalone utility that provides users with two types of analytical tools:

  • Opening and examining the results from an fData test (known as a fTest Structure File, or an .FSF file).
  • Opening and examining fDocs templates and Microsoft Word document outputs (in .docx format) produced by fSeries. 


fTest is installed by using the setup program supplied to install fTest to a location of your choice, and can be installed on a per-user or per-computer basis.

Once the setup program has been started, please follow the on-screen prompts to install the software.

During installation, a file association will be set up, so that files with an .fsf extension will automatically open with fTest if they are double-clicked, or if they are opened by fData when doing a Structure Test. Please refer to the fData User Guide for further information regarding running fTest from within fData.

fTest may also be opened directly via the Windows Start Menu. A shortcut will be set up within the “fSeries” folder.

Once it has been installed, fTest may be uninstalled through the Windows Control Panel.