fSheets Introduction

fSheets lets you generate a spreadsheet (xlsx) based on data gathered using fData. You can generate a spreadsheet in one of three ways:

  1. Directly based on the contents of a DSD (Data Set Definition)
  2. Based on a template spreadsheet to design the layout and content
  3. Based on the contents of an fDocs template


The DSD is at the heart of fSeries. It’s what gathers the data for all parts of the system. Once you have set up a DSD you can generate spreadsheets based on a default layout to include all of the data that the DSD includes (but not any internal data groups).

Based on an fSheets Template

With the fSheets Designer you can start a template and edit it to design the layout and content of the generated spreadsheet. Spreadsheets may then be generated with reference to this designed layout.

Based on an fDocs Template

If you have fDocs, you can generate a spreadsheet as an alternative format when generating an fDocs document. The layout will be based on a default (as when generating from a DSD) but the content is limited to just those values that are included in the fDocs template. In effect it is a spreadsheet containing the data that’s in the fDocs document.

Alternatively you can design a template that is used whenever selecting the option to generate a spreadsheet from fDocs.