fSeries User Login

In most case, fSeries users are logged in automatically using the Active Directory option. However, fSeries  also provides an option to allow users to login using a User Id and Password. This is particularly useful for external users with fRemote Groups.

Authentication of users is always done using the security DSD, regardless of how the user is logged in. However, when users login directly you may wish to provide them with a means of changing their password and sending them their user id or password.

In order to accommodate different customers’ needs there are a number of settings that determine how the system behaves.

Email Options

If the user forgets their User Id or Password, you can provide a means for them to be emailed either by setting the following options (fAdmin Settings – Security):

User Id

LoginSendUserId – specify a DSD and Data Group used to gather the user’s User Id based on there email address.


There are two options for maintaining user password: user change or reset.

Password Reset

[from 3.7]

The more secure way to allow users to manage their password is through the Reset option.

This option is only available if you are using the fSeries database to hold user details.

Set the LoginResetPassword setting to enable the Reset option. A further group of fAdmin settings called “Password Reset” is used determine the behaviour of the Reset option.

The user will be offered a “Reset my Password” button on the login page. When clicked, they will be asked for their User Id and sent an email with a single use link to the Reset page. By default the link is valid for 24 hours only but you can alter this with the LoginResetExpiry setting.

When the user takes the link they will be asked to enter their User Id (for confirmation) and then enter and confirm their new password. You can set rules as to what they can use as their new password.

PasswordMinLength – the minimum length permitted.

PasswordAllowUserId – Whether the user’s User Id may be used (for legacy purposes, not recommended).

PasswordMatch – A regular expression (including /../gi) that must be matched once only by the user’s entry. This makes it possible to have special requirements.


By setting the PasswordShowComplexity option users will see a calculated level of complexity of their entered new password. The complexity is based on the mix of upper, lower, number and special characters and the overall length of the password. The colour coding shown is from red to green, with green set as a complexity of 100. You can change this by setting the PasswordMinComplexity value. This will also prevent a password of a lower score being accepted.

The PasswordHelp setting lets you provide a detailed explanation (via a help icon) for the user when entering their new password.

Password Change

If the Reset option is not used, you can offer users the chance to be sent and/or change their password.

LoginSendPassword – specify a DSD and Data Group used to gather the user’s Password based on their User Id.

LoginChangeAdminPassword – (if fSeries database is not in use) set to true to allow admin/designer users to change their password

LoginChangeUserPassword – (if fSeries database is in use) set to true to allow  users to change their password

LoginSendChangePassword – specify a DSD and Data Group used to gather the user’s details in order to send a confirming email when their password has been changed. Leave blank if not confirming email is required.


All emails sent are standard content but you can add your own email footer in the LoginEmailFooter setting.