Integration and Deployment

Until version 3.7 each fSeries module had its own method of requesting user entries before generating the output. From 3.7 fSeries has a single unified Select page (fSeries/Select.aspx) that covers all modules requirements and some additional options.

All previous pages still exist but now redirect to the new fSeries page. So fDocs/Select.aspx or fDSelect.aspx still allow legacy links to operate without modification.


The Select page works by knowing the context in which it has been called. This is done by passing the fSContext parameter with one of the following values:

  • fDocs
  • fSheets
  • fPanels
  • Menu
  • Viewer
  • DSD (for custom usage)

fPanelsEmbed is also available and is used internally by fPanels when asking for user entries within the fPanels page itself.

This parameter is not required if running a direct page (e.g. fDocs/Selet.aspx)

A number of system parameter values may be passed to the page depending on the context. The following table shows each and their relevance. The effects are detailed below.

fDocs fSheets fPanels fMaps Menu Viewer DSD
fDInstance x x x x x x x
fDSG x x x x x x x
fDHeading x x x x x x x
fDAutoGenerate x x
fDFromRequest x x x x x x x
fDDefaultRequest x x x x x x x
fDOnlyFromRequest x x x x x x x
fSCallback x x x x x x x
fSTarget x x x x x x x
fSShowDSD x x x x x x x
fDTemplateLocation x x
fDTemplateFile x x
fDFormat x
fDOutputFileId x
fPanels x
fMaps x
fMenu x x
fSActivation x
fSMenuSearch x
fSAction x
fSOption x
fViewer x x


Note that some other parameters are not listed here as they are for internal use only.

Based on the context, the corresponding DSD (if any) is established from the appropriate file or definition (e.g. template file or fPanels presentation). The page is then generated to request entries from the user as appropriate to the context and the system parameters passed.

If the Select page would have no entries or options for the user (including fDocs format) then the page is submitted automatically without user intervention.


All contexts

If fSeries instances are in use, this sets the instance.


All contexts

If fSeries security groups are in use, this sets the security group.


All contexts

Adds the text as the heading in the Select page.


All contexts

If true, no entries at all will be required from the user and the page will be submitted immediately without user intervention.

In fDocs, if a choice of formats would have been available to the user, the first in what would have been the list of formats is taken as the chosen format.


All contexts

A comma separated list of user entries that the user is not be asked for but instead taken from the corresponding parameter passed in to the Select page.


All contexts

If true the user is not be asked for any entries for which a non-blank value has been passed as a parameter to the Select page. The passed values will be used for these user entries.


All contexts

If true the user is not asked for any entries but instead each is taken from the corresponding parameter passed in to the Select page.

Other than in fDocs, this is the equivalent of fDAutGenerate.

fSCallback / fSTarget

All contexts

These are used internally but are available for general custom use.

fSCallback specifies the name of a function in the opener page (e.g. Menu or Viewer) to be called when the Select page is submitted. The function is executed with two parameters:

  1. The full URL to be run, created from the context and the user entries.
  2. The value of fSTarget to allow values to be passed back to the opener.


All contexts

Used by technicians to show the corresponding DSD in the heading.


fDocs, fSheets

The path, relative to the appropriate fDocs/fSheets template location, or the template file.

This is not required as all or part of the path may be included in fDTemplateFile.


fDocs, fSheets

The name of fDocs/fSheets the template file.

All or part of the path may be included.



If fSheets is being used to generate directly from a DSD (rather than a template) this specified the DSD.



A list of one or more output formats (e.g. pdf,wordml) that are to be made available to the user. This overrides the fAdmin setting. If only one format is specified it will be used without asking the user.



The name (without extension) of the document file generated by fDocs.



The fPanels presentation to display.



The fMaps map to display.


Menu, Viewer

The menu to be shown as an fSeries Menu or Viewer.



The DSD to use to establish the user entries required.

For custom use.



Specifies a custom CSS file to be included in the fPanels presentation.



When using the DSD custom option, specifies an fSeries module that must be activated in order to proceed.



When using the DSD custom option and the user is a member of an fRemote Group, specifies the type of menu item to search for in the group’s menu to check its availability.

fSAction / fSOption


When using the DSD custom option these specify the page and main option to be called by the Select page. The fSAction must be up to and include the “=” before the fSOption.

For example, if you were simulating the link to the fPanels presentation “MyPresentation”, the values would be:

fSAction: ../fPanels/Presentation.aspx?fPanels=

fSOption: MyPresentation


fPanels, Menu

If true, prevents the banner heading from being displayed in fPanels, fMaps or an fSeries Menu. This is used when the page is running inside the Viewer, which already has a banner heading.