Block User Plugin

This plugin is used to mark a specified user as “Suspended”, preventing their access to fSeries. It is only available if you are using the fSeries database to manage user details.

There is no Data Group Type user interface and so the plugin is set up using the Plugin Data Group Type.

The parameters are:

UserId – the id of the user to be blocked/suspended.

Reason – an optional description of the reason for blocking. If not set then “By fSeries BlockUser Plugin” will be used.

There are no other parameters to control this action as it is expected that it will be controlled by the data group’s “If” option. For example, this might be used by adding a data group to the security DSD and counting the number of successive unsuccessful logins over a short period (from the Audit Log) and blocking the user if a level is exceeded. The “If” option of the BlockUser data group would check if the number records returned was great than, say, three.