fSeries Standard Menu

fSeries Menus can be displayed with the standard Menu page:

[fSeries domain]/fSeries/Menu.aspx?fMenu=[menu id]…

You can add any additional parameters that are required either by the menu (to execute its DSD) or to determine which menu items are to be included. For example, by adding &ClientId=S0055643 this ClientId may be used:

  • as a user entry to the menu’s DSD to gather data about the client
  • in functions to disable or exclude menu links that require a client id to be available
  • to be passed to menu links (if not overridden by other parameters)

Some further options determine the behaviour of the Viewer:

fTheme – currently the Menu display has only its default theme, however others can be added if alternatives are required.

If no menu id is specified, fPath may be used to show all fDocs templates with subdirectories from a path relative to the fDocs template published location (if fPath is not specified, all templates will be included).