fDocs Designer

The fDocs Designer Add-in connects with the fDocs server and allows users to create document templates to define how you want a generated output to appear, allowing you to use all of Word’s layout options to create the most effective and professional output documents.

Using the designer, you are able to select a DSD (Data Set Definition) to determine the data you wish to show when generating a document for the client. The content of the generated document can be modified automatically, in accordance with conditions you specify.

This document focuses on the Designer from the perspective of using Word 2010 to maintain templates from which fDocs generates outputs.

The method of inserting your data is done by placing the data fields into the document as required. These are referred to throughout this document as tags.


Template The word document you design with the tag fields
Output Document generated from a template design
Tags The data fields which are placed into the template


fDocs Designer is supplied as a Microsoft ClickOnce Add-In, and is installed on a per-user basis.

To install the add-in, log into Windows under the account that the Designer is to be used with, and then run the setup program supplied.

The machine must have Microsoft Word 2010 or above installed, and during installation the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 and Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) 2010 runtime will be downloaded from Microsoft and installed if it does not already exist on the machine. Therefore Internet access and suitable security privileges may be required.