This page has all the general settings for the map.

Choose a Map Type based on how the map should act:

  • Points (default) shows all locations as points on the map. They may be selected by the user with various analysis options.
  • Areas shows all areas in the selected “Borders” as locations on the map. Areas may then be colour coded based on values in the location data.
  • Heat shows all locations as a heat/density layer unless you specify otherwise (see Layers)
  • Menu shows all locations as points on the map, with each being a link. Links may be to fMaps, fPanels, fDocs, fSheets, an fSeries menu or to an external link.

Certain settings and options will change according to the map type selected.

Description is the name of the map and is shown at the top of the fMaps page. Placeholders may be used for columns from the Headings data group, if set.

Select an Icons set (if available) to be used instead of the default set.

Notes are for internal information only.

The Title is the text to be shown as the point’s title using placeholders for any columns/fields in the location data. Defaults to #Title#. This can be overridden for each defined layer.