Counters show accumulated values for the locations shown on the map.

Each Counter specifies a column in the locations record that is to be evaluated. A column may be evaluated in one of six ways (Functions):

  • Count (all locations)
  • Count if Included (if location includes the column specified)
  • Sum (default)
  • Average (across all locations)
  • Minimum
  • Maximum

Note that the column may be blank for the Count (all locations) option.

Enter a Label for each column.

Specify the number of Decimal Places to be shown for the results in each counter, or -1 for floating decimal places.

Optionally apply a Format for the display of the number, using the # symbol to indicate where the result is to be shown (e.g. “£ # Sterling”)

Drag counter blocks up and down to change the order in which they will appear to the user on the map page