In order to share outputs (fDocs, fSheets, fPanels, fMaps) with different groups of user (both internal and external) but retain full control of what they can access, fRemote can be used to set up user groups and define the outputs available to each.

First, in fAdmin, add a User Group to which  users may be added. Each group represents a set of users for whom you wish to provide access to a common set of outputs. Note that this is not data security, as that is dealt with elsewhere.

Next, click on the “Menu Builder” option in the User Groups page to open the fSeries Menu Builder to manage a special menu that control access to outputs for the group.

You can add any fSeries item to this menu, including other menus. If you add a menu, ALL of its options (and sub-menus) will also be available to the group. This makes it easy to create shared sets of output between groups but take care that you don’t include items and sub-menus you were not expecting.

You can also set a “Start Menu” for the group. This will be run automatically whenever a group member comes to the site, which  means they only need to have your site address , not a complex link. However, users may land on any option that’s permitted in their special fRemote menu and so they can have links from their own applications directly into their available outputs if they wish.

In the security DSD, make sure that for each user, their Group is picked up in the main security Data Group. If you are using the fSeries database, this will be in the field provided for in Users maintenance.