fDocs Menu Converter

From 3.4.2

Prior to fSeries, menus were created using the old fDocs Admin system. With the addition of fSeries Menus these old menus are no longer required. They will still work but a converter is supplied to upgrade to new fSeries menus.

Note that the converter converts old menus that are currently published and saves them as unpublished fSeries menus.


Most functionality of the old menus is still available (and many new features have been added). However, the following incompatibilities exist between the two versions:

Menu types no longer supported:

  • DSD
  • JS (JavaScript)
  • Include (menus may be included as an embedded menu type now, but cannot be converted)

Permission sets on menu items are no longer supported directly but a new function (CheckAccess) lets you include permission set tests in “exclude” settings. Permission sets in old menus will be converted to use this function.

Frame items are now Link type menu items

Menu item notes are now in the Help setting for an item.

A new type of TVAssess is available but the converter will not attempt to convert a TVAssess link to the new type. This type is only offered in the builder if the fAdmin setting “TVAssess” is true. This setting is not in a group and can only be accessed using the “All Settings” option.

If your current fDocs menus use any of these features and you need to retain them please contact Fibonacci to discuss before moving to the new fSeries menus.



To run the fDocs Menu Converter use the following URL:

[fSeries domain]/fDMenuConvert.aspx

A list of all fDocs menus is displayed.

If a menu has already been converted the status column will show “Exists” with a link to open the new menu in the fSeries Menu Builder.

If a menu has not been converted the status column will have a link to “Convert”. Click the option to run the conversion. When the conversion is complete this option will change to “Converted” with an option to open the fSeries Menu Builder.

If you go to the fSeries Menu Builder from this page an extra action button is available (a warning triangle) that opens a list of any conversion issues. You can return to this at any time by opening the Menu Builder via the conversion page.

When a menu is converted it is saved as unpublished and so will not take effect until you have opened it in the fSeries Menu Builder and published it. Deleting the menu from fSeries Menu Builder will only delete the new menu. If the new menu had been published this would revert all old links to it to the old fDMenu link.

The old menu is never deleted by the converter or by any other fSeries process. If you wish to delete them, use the old fDocs Admin system.

Linking to a Menu

Upgraded menus will be run automatically from links to the old menus. Old links were in the form:

[fSeries domain]/fDMenu.aspx?fDMenu=[menu id]…

Links may be changed to the following:

[fSeries domain]/fSeries/Menu.aspx?fMenu=[menu id]…

However, if you have converted an old menu to the new menu structure (and published it) or simply created a new menu with the same id as the old one, the old link will automatically redirect to the new link, including all link parameters. This means that simply converting the menus is sufficient without having to find and change all links (though long term it is recommended that all link are amended).