Bing Maps

fMaps uses Bing Maps to draw maps and to find locations by address.

In order to use fMaps you will need a Bing Maps key which can be obtained from the Bing Maps Dev Center. The key must be entered in fAdmin in the fMaps setting BingMapsKey.

If your license is based on licensed users you must also enter the number of users in the fMapsMaxBingUsers setting.

Only users with the role of fMapsUser will be shown maps. This is in order to limit the number of distinct users under your license, or to limit the Bing Maps usage by restricting access to those users for whom it is appropriate. If you have a license limited by number of users, the fAdmin Users maintenance will automatically prevent you from giving the role to more than the number specified. If you use other methods of user authentication you MUST ensure that the limit is observed.

Users of fMaps Designer must have this role as well as the fMaps Designer role.

Please note that it is your organisation’s responsibility to ensure that you have a valid and appropriate license for Bing Maps.